New Build Snagging In 5 mins!

Explore the essential guide to snagging inspections for new builds: Learn what snags are, the importance of snagging, how to choose an inspector, and navigate the snagging process to ensure your new home is flawless and safe. Protect your investment with expert advice and insights.

See the example below, which was found on a recent snagging inspection in Beverley. The bath panel screw fixing had been put through the cold water feed to the bath and had been leaking for months. Our surveyors acted quickly shutting off the incoming supply at the stop tap and immediatly reported it to the developer who provided a plumber and rectified the issue within a matter of hours.

Pipe with a screw hole from the bath panel

Below are the three main warranty providers terms and conditions links:

Some criteria to look for include:

  • Are they a member of a professional body such as the RPSA or RICS?
  • What do the reviews from other customers say?
  • Do they have a sample snagging report available and is it thorough?
  • How long does their inspection process take to complete?
  • Is the pricing in line with other reputable snagging companies?
Snagging list extract

If you have just purchased a new build and are looking to get it checked over, Snagman is always happy to assist, feel free to contact us to arrange a survey by clicking the button below or give us a call.

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