Elevate Your Home Experience with Our Comprehensive Snagging Inspections. Precision, Peace of Mind, and Perfection in Every Report

Ensure Your New Homes Perfection!

Discover the peace of mind that comes with a home inspected by experts who set the standard. Our snagging inspections are meticulously aligned with NHBC and U.K. building regulations.

This ensures every aspect of your property is thoroughly checked against the highest standards, providing you with detailed insights and actionable information to ensure your new home meets all necessary quality and safety criteria.

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Ensuring Excellence

"Comprehensive Quality Assurance"

Our snagging survey meticulously assesses every aspect of your brand-new home, guaranteeing you a space that embodies quality and excellence. Secure your dream home’s perfection, right from the start.

Leverage for Perfection

"Strengthened Builder Accountability"

Armed with a professional snagging report, you hold the power to ensure your builder meets their promises, fixing any issues at their cost, not yours. It’s about getting the home you were promised, without compromises.

Future Cost Prevention

"Protect Your Investment"

A snagging survey identifies immediate concerns and also helps in avoiding future costly repairs. By ensuring your home is in perfect condition from the start, you safeguard its value, enjoying peace of mind in your investment’s quality.

Start Your Journey

Welcome to the first step in ensuring your new home is everything you dreamed it would be. Our new build snagging process is designed to be straightforward and stress-free, guiding you through from initial contact to ongoing support after your inspection is complete.

  • 1 - Contact Us

    Kickstart your path to a perfect home by contacting us by phone or email. We’ll quickly set up a convenient time for your snagging inspection!

  • 2 - Snagging Inspection

    Our experts meticulously check your new home, identifying any defects with precision. The process is swift, ensuring minimal disruption.

  • 3 - Report Complete

    Receive a concise report within 48 hours, detailing defects with photos and refrenced standards, designed for easy builder communication.

  • 4 - On-going Support

    We offer continuous guidance post-report, assisting you in the rectification process to ensure your home reaches the highest standards.


We cover Yorkshire, the North East, Greater Manchester and Nottinghamshire. If you fall outside of these ares please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Ultimate Inspection

Ultimate Inspection

"Complete Peace of Mind for Your New Home"

Our Ultimate Inspection service offers the most thorough analysis for your new build. It encompasses everything from our Non-Cosmetic Inspection and goes further to include cosmetic defects, ensuring a comprehensive review. This service includes a full inspection of all accessible areas, thermal imagery to uncover hidden problems, and a detailed cross-reference of snags with industry standards. The comprehensive digital report provides an exhaustive overview of your property’s condition, offering complete peace of mind that your new home meets the highest standards

Non-Cosmetic Inspection

Non-Cosmetic Inspection

"Focusing on What Truly Matters for Your Home’s Integrity"

Our Non-Cosmetic Inspection provides a thorough evaluation of your new home, omitting aesthetic aspects like paint and plaster to concentrate on functionality, and compliance with building regulations. This service includes a full inspection of all accessible areas, enhanced with thermal imagery to detect hidden issues. Each finding is cross-referenced with industry standards to ensure no detail is overlooked. The comprehensive digital report delivers a clear and actionable guide, focusing on ensuring your home’s fundamental elements are beyond reproach.


Pre-Completion Inspection

"Ensure Your Home’s Ready Before You Step In"

Our Pre-Completion Inspection (PCI) is aligned with the RPSA/NHQB Pre-Completion Inspection Standard, offering a detailed examination of your new home before you make the final move. This inspection focuses on identifying functional issues rather than aesthetic details, adhering to rigorous industry standards. It’s an essential step for those looking to ensure their home is in peak condition before moving day, albeit with a focus that’s more restrictive compared to a standard snagging inspection.

Snagging Inspections

Choose the perfect snagging package. Transparent pricing, expert inspections. Ensure your new home meets every standard of excellence.


£249 + £50/Bedroom
  • Pre - Completion Inspection Inspection to NHQB Standards
  • NHQB Report - Cross Referencing U.K Building Regs & NHBC Standards
  • RPSA Accredited Surveyor
  • Digital Copy of RA & MS Supplied
  • 2 Year Aftercare Support

Additional Services

Discover more, enhance your home’s quality with our additional services. Tailored solutions for every detail of your dream home. Add-On services below to be requested and used in conjunction with the core services above.

Referral Offer

At Snagman, we believe in rewarding our loyal customers while expanding our family of satisfied clients. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our exclusive Referral Offer – a fantastic way for you to save big on your snagging inspection costs!

  • 1 - Snagging Survey

    First, you'll need to experience our top-notch snagging inspection services. Hire us to carry out a snagging inspection on your property and enjoy our expert assessment and meticulous attention to detail.

  • 2 - Spread the Word

    After experiencing the quality of our services, we're confident you'll want to share your positive experience with friends, family, or colleagues who are also in need of snagging inspections for their new properties.

  • 3 - Refer Two People

    Refer two individuals to Snagman who subsequently book and complete their snagging inspections with us. This could be your neighbor, a coworker, a family member, or anyone you know who is in the process of buying a new property and requires our services.

  • 4 - 100% Discount!

    Once we have successfully completed snagging inspections for both of the individuals you referred, you'll receive an incredible 100% discount on the original survey costs of your own inspection.

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Comprehensive New Build Inspection Service

Don’t leave your new home’s quality to chance. Secure your peace of mind today with a professional snagging inspection. Book now and step into your new home with confidence.

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Committed to Excellence

Join the ranks of informed homeowners who choose not just any snagging service, but one endorsed by the RPSA. Snagmans commitment to precision, upheld by our RPSA membership, guarantees that your new home is inspected by professionals recognised for their expertise, integrity, and dedication to protecting your interests. With us, you’re not just building a home; you’re ensuring a legacy of quality and peace of mind.



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Most properties we inspect have over 150+ defects discovered during our rigorous snagging process.

Don’t leave the most expensive investment of your life to fate, book a snagging survey and let us create a detailed snagging report on your behalf, so that the developer can put the issues right within the warranty period saving you money in the long run.